Silver Package

Cost: $2,000
Plus A One Time Licensing Fee Of $198
Profit: You Receive $2,000 Per Sale

The Alliance Silver Package includes everything in our “Bronze” Package as well as:


This incredible seminar is 34 audios that are jam packed with sizzling hot marketing ideas and distinctions from top experts including Ron Legrand, legendary Dan Kennedy and TJ Rohleder. He and his wife, Eileen, built an empire that brought in over $10,000,000 in the first 4 years.

In this amazing course you will learn:

✓ How To Produce & Create Your Own Products
✓ How To Overcome Any Marketing Challenges
✓ Free Advertising Techniques & Ideas
✓ Expert Persuasion & Marketing Strategies
✓ How To Create Irresistible Ads & Campaigns
✓ And Much Much More From These Top Industry Experts

Keyword Marketing Methods

This 9 video course teaches you in an easy to understand format how to research market demand and keywords that people are searching for with the free Google Keyword Planner.

In this course you’ll learn:

✓ Different Types of Searches
✓ Keyword / Ad Groups Ideas
✓ Customize Detailed Estimates
✓ Create and Download Keyword Lists
✓ Search Volume
✓ Traffic Estimates
✓ And much much more


In his 8 part video course you will learn how to skyrocket your business as well as your personal results and the effects you can produce on many levels.

In this course you’ll discover how to to:

✓ How To Skyrocket Your Personal Productivity
✓ To Use “Leverage” To Get Things Done Faster
✓ Hidden “Time Management” Secrets
✓ Getting More Done With Less Stress & Effort
✓ The Best Mindset For Ultimate Productivity


In this simple and easy to understand 46 video step-by step course (that was recorded “live” at a special three day event) you can watch two of the wealthiest online marketing professionals in the industry show you how they built their online empires.

In this comprehensive course you’ll discover:

✓ The Basic Rules For Online Success
✓ How To Make Immediate Money With Any Product
✓ How To Quickly Build A Lead Funnel
✓ Million Dollar Launch Secrets
✓ And Much Much More


Discover how you can get powerful publicity for free that is more believable credible and more profitable than any paid advertising. You Press Release is the dissemination of information about something newsworthy to the various press news and media channels worldwide.

In this phenomenal video course you will learn:

✓ How To Create A Hot Press
✓ How To Write A Release For Maximum Exposure
✓ How To Effectively Position Your Self And Your Business To The Media
✓ How To Find Other Experts To Write Your Press Release For You
✓ How To Boost Your Search Engine Rankings For Massive Traffic

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