Platinum Package

Cost: $7,500
Plus A One Time Licensing Fee Of $398
Profit: You Receive $7,500 Per Sale

The Alliance Platinum Package includes everything in all our Bronze, Silver and Gold Packages as well as:


These incredible 69 audio lessons are taught by some of the wealthiest and most successful marketers and home business millionaires in the world. This is the kind of training and super effective coaching you would very easily expect to pay thousands of dollars just to attend even a weekend workshop.

In this wealth building seminar you will discover:

✓ How To Create Millions of Dollars With Your New Home Based Venture
✓ How To Successfully Duplicate Proven Marketing Strategies
✓ How To Overcome Challenges That May Arise
✓ Leverage Yourself For Bigger & Faster Profits
✓ And Much Much More In This Amazing Event


In this groundbreaking 11 video course your learn how to create engaging podcasts that will instantly brand you as an expert and drive traffic to your products and services.

What you’ll learn in this outstanding course:

✓ What’s In A Podcast & How To Utilize Them Effectively
✓ Writing An Effective Podcast Script
✓ Hiring A Voice-Over Artist
✓ Microphone & Software Editing Tools
✓ How To Record Your Podcasts
✓ How To Submit Your Podcast To iTunes


In this 10 part audio course you’ll unlock the hidden keys to motivation that even the gurus don’t teach. Find out practical methods that you can apply to both your personal and business life with these content rich audios.

In This Course You Will Learn:

✓ The Secrets To Always Stay Motivated
✓ How To Overcome Fears & Hesitation
✓ Secrets Of The Personal Development Habits
✓ The Hidden Power Of Focus & Attention
✓ How To Overcome Rejection
✓ And Much More


In this unique 10 component audio course you’ll here expert advice on outsourcing much of your personal and business life to create more time and freedom to enjoy your life to the fullest. Apply the distinctions that the ultra wealthy have learned and apply them you your own life today.

In this program you will discover:

✓ How To Get 10 Time More Work Done Overnight
✓ How To Pick The Right Team To Work With
✓ Where To Find Good People For Your Business
✓ The Hidden Profits & Benefits Of Outsourcing
✓ How To Maximize Your Leverage In Business


Can you completely alter a person’s beliefs and actions naturally and easily through the power of your words… as if you were casting some sort of magical spell? The answer is YES absolutely. Discover how to use secret, irresistible language patterns to persuade people ethically and help guide them into making the best decisions for heir success and happiness.

In this audio course you will discover:

✓ Amazing Advertising Tips
✓ Covert Product Selling Principles
✓ Tested Buying Triggers
✓ Breakthrough Sales Solutions
✓ Explosive Influence Tactics
✓ Clever Profit Generation
✓ Extreme Persuasion Strategies


Learn how to become one of the highest paying experts in your field. The big leaders and gurus in every field used consultations as one of their major big ticket upsets for increased support for their clients in every industry. Uncover the huge profits that can be made through consulting.

In this powerful 8 component video course you will discover:

✓ How To Be A “High Paid” Consultant In Your Industry
✓ Learn Exactly What “Advise” You Should Sell
✓ How To Sell & Market As A High End Consultant
✓ How To Research Your Marketplace for Top Profits
✓ How To Find The “Right” Clients For Consultations
✓ And Much More In This Eye Opening Course


Hypnosis has been scientifically proven to work in increasing success in all areas of life. Learn about these simple mental techniques that you can use privately to increase the quality of both your business and personal life.

In this informative 12 part audio program you will learn:

✓ How To Automatically Increase Your Confidence
✓ How To Attract High Paying Clients & Customers
✓ How To Overcome Fatigue
✓ How To Develop A Positive Self Image
✓ How To Eliminate Stress
✓ Increase Financial Prosperity


This awesome 9 part audio series will give you the “underground” strategies used by some of the worlds most wealthy and successful direct marketers to ethically make your offers irresistible to clients and prospects. Uncover the methods that have been used by the industry elites to create above average results fast.

In this phenomenal 9 part audio course you will learn:

✓ Techniques To Make Your Offer the “Best” In Your Market
✓ Advanced Direct Mail Advertising Lessons
✓ Secrets To Using “Images” To Attract More Sales
✓ How To Maximize Your Profits With a Small List
✓ Advance Copy Writing Persuasion Methods
✓ How To “Turbo Charge” Your Efforts For Speedy Sign Ups
✓ And Much Much more

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