Gold Package

Cost: $3,500
Plus A One Time Licensing Fee Of $298
Profit: You Receive $3,500 Per Sale

The Alliance “Gold Package” includes everything in our “Bronze” and “Silver” Packages as well as:



Discover this HOT new trend in currency!

In this exciting new 8 video course you will discover all the basic of the various “Crypto Currencies” and how you can educate yourself on all the basics to take full advantage of this brand new industry!


In this comprehensive and easy to understand 12 video course you will learn all the basic information you need to understand about how this new, HOT global currency works!… And HOW you can take advantage of this new currency market!.



In this comprehensive 21 video course your get all the mechanics of starting your own business and see you the top guns make huge profits seemingly effortlessly.

In this masterfully done course you’ll learn how to:

✓ Write irresistible offers for any type of product or service
✓ Skyrocket Your Conversion Rates With Sales Videos
✓ Make More Bang For The Buck With Upsells
✓ How To Close More Sales With Downsells
✓ Traffic Generation Secrets
✓ And Much Much More






This comprehensive and 36 downloadable audio course if filled with distinctions and strategies for immediate home based business success. You will learn specific strategies and methods that are proven for increased income and profits right from the start from legends like Dan Kennedy and Robert Allen.

In this comprehensive course you’ll learn:

✓ Powerful Strategic Marketing Techniques for Any Product Or Service
✓ Powerful Copy writing Techniques To Boost Sales Conversions
✓ Understanding The Mindset Of The Consumer For bigger Pay Days
✓ Understanding Market To Message Matches
✓ And Much More In This Incredible Course


Learn the distinctions of what it takes to be a successful business owner in today’s marketing place. Discover the “must do’s” and potential pitfalls that every business owner needs to be aware of when they run their own business.

In this phenomenal 11 part video course you’ll discover:

✓ How To Ad Value To Your Services For Increased Profits
✓ Unique Lead Generation Techniques
✓ How To Handle Customers More Effectively
✓ How To “Distinguish” Your Services From Your Competition
✓ How To Create Repeat Clients For Residual Profits


In this awesome 15 audio course you’ll discover the core approaches of the wealthiest and most successful information marketers in the world. Listen to rare interviews with seven high-powered multimillionaires in the info marketing arena sharing their secrets and exactly how they made their fortunes.

One of the speakers you will hear from has spent over $20,000,000 learning how to create products for pennies and sell them for dollars. The 175 people who attended this live three day event each paid $1,498 to be there. For the first time these recordings and lessons are available to you in the information packed course.


Discover what multi millionaires and billionaires have in common. Understand the mindset of the ultra rich and apply them to you business and life immediately in this unique course.

In these audio lessons you will learn:

✓ How To Develop The Character Of A Millionaire
✓ How To Create The Hidden Qualities Of The Most Affluent
✓ The Secret Ingredient In Creating Trust
✓ The Mindset Of The Ultra Affluent & Rich
✓ The Power Of Positive Expectation
✓ And Much Much More


In this 9 part positive self talk audio program you’ll program your mind for greater success and results in multiple areas of your life. Continue to condition your brain and build your internal mental muscles for increased success and happiness in multiple areas of life.

In this stimulating mental program you will condition:

✓ Ultimate Financial Freedom
✓ Goal Setting & Achievement
✓ Creating Success Habits
✓ Health & Wellness
✓ Better Relationship In All Areas Of Life
✓ Greater Self Esteem
✓ Self Discovery


This outstanding 41 video course will show you exactly how the most successful online marketers set up powerful campaigns that generate unbelievable results.

Allowing you to make more money with less work – while never having to struggle for traffic again.

In this comprehensive course you’ll discover:

✓ How To Get Top Rankings On Google and Yahoo
✓ How To Get Good Page Ranking
✓ How To Use CPA Networks To Drive Amazing Amounts Of Traffic
✓ How To Use Google AdSense To Enjoy Incredible Traffic
✓ How To Monetize Your Blogs And Web Sites
✓ How To Use The Yahoo Publisher Network For Huge Traffic
✓ And Much More

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