Diamond Package

Cost: $15000
Plus A One Time Licensing Fee Of $448
Profit: You Receive $15000 Per Sale

The Alliance “Diamond Package” has the basics of what you will need to be success with your new business.

Professional Prospecting Secrets

In this powerful program you get 25 power packed strategies with proven methods to get targeted traffic to your website. In this step-by-step audio course you will get to watch over our shoulder as we show you how to create a proper plan of action for your website traffic acquisition.

Just some of the topics covered in this course are:

✓ Search Engine Optimization
✓ PPC Ads
✓ Paid Banner Ads
✓ Forum Marketing
✓ Online Classifieds
✓ And Much More!


Release the hidden and unconscious blocks that might be limiting your results and success. Feel a powerful congruency to move forward now and take action with more certainty than ever before in every area of life

In The Incredible 9 Part Video Course You Will Discover:

✓ How To Overcome The Hidden Barriers In Your Subconscious
✓ How To Stop Distraction And Experience Quicker Results
✓ Overcome Fears Of Failure
✓ Discover 3 Steps To Overcome Procrastination For Good
✓ How To Create A “Dream Board” For Wealth & Success
✓ How To Use Accountability For Greater Success


Acquire the skill of speaking in small or large groups more elegantly and comfortably. Learn how to be more comfortable and at ease in all your social and business interactions with these time tested and proven techniques of effective communications in public.

In this valuable audio course you’ll learn how to:

✓ Develop Your “Stage Persona & Presence”
✓ How To Move & Compel Your Audience To Action
✓ How To Be A “Powerful” Speaker Even If You Are Shy
✓ How To Use “Body Language” When Speaking
✓ How To Use Humor When Speaking Publicly
✓ How To Get Audience Participation When You Speak


Learn about this master skill that will accelerated you success in every area of life. Improve your ability to concentrate and focus on a given area of life for above average results in both your business and personal life.

In this 9 component audio course you’ll learn:

✓ The Power Of Having A Focused Personality
✓ How To Process Data Rapidly For Better Results
✓ How To Create The Habits Of Ultimate Focus
✓ How To Overcome Nagging Bad Habits
✓ How To Become 10x More Effective In Life
✓ And Much Much More


Develop the skill all successful and happy individuals have. Time management. Discover what the ultra happy and wealthy individuals have learned and what it takes to have more time than you ever need by understanding that we never “have” time. We create it.

In this amazing 4 part video course you will learn:

✓ How The Wealthy Manage Their Time More Effectively
✓ How To Organize Systems For Wealth Creation
✓ How To Prioritize Your Business Activities Better
✓ How To Overcome Hidden Blocks To Procrastination
✓ How To Get More Accomplished Faster


Learn the SEO strategies that the Internet Gurus’ use to get themselves on top of page #1 of Google and other search engines. Discover these very low cost and free techniques to boom your organic traffic on all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing fast.

In this 6 component video course you will discover:

✓ Strategies On How Articles Boost All Your Search Engine Rankings
✓ How To Use Articles For Increased Leads, Credibility and Sales
✓ How To Write OR Re-Write Simple Articles To Use For Your Promotions
✓ How To Quickly & Effectively Market Your Articles On The Internet
✓ And Much More In This Comprehensive Video Training Course


Blogs are simple informational web sites that are used to educate your prospects on your specific product or service. Lean to use this amazing information tool to quickly skyrocket your sales and profits at virtually zero cost to you with this powerful marketing strategy.

In this informative 9 part video series you will learn:

✓ How To Create and Set Up Your Own Blogs
✓ What Content Should Be Used In Your Information Blogs
✓ How To Use Blogs To Drive More Traffic To You Web Site
✓ How To Use Blogs To “Jump Up” Your Sales Volume
✓ And Much Much More


Leap to the head of your industry as you discover how to dominate your marketplace with proven, effective ways to creating a brand people will remember. In this 13 volume video course you’ll be able to use a simple, effective style of branding to build your own successful brand like clock work and easily create a successful and powerful brand that your prospects will recall as easily as McDonald’s & Coke.

Just some of the topics covered in this course are:

✓ An Introduction To Branding & What It Is
✓ How to Stand Out From The Crowd
✓ How To Build Your Brand, Not Someone Else’s
✓ How To Develop Your Online Presence And Image
✓ How to Make Your Brand Search Engine Ready
✓ How To Brand Yourself Using Social Media


With this phenomenal 8 part video series you will discover a simple, step-by-step road map showing you the exact, powerful and effective habits of men and women who make enormous money online. These are the habits of the most successful internet marketers. Discover what they are and how to very easily apply them to watch your business skyrocket.

Inside this 8 component video series you will learn:

✓ How To Achieve Effortless Income
✓ The One Habit That Separates The Great From The Good
✓ The Systems That Will Make Or Break Your Business
✓ How To Master Traffic For Cash On Demand
✓ How To Target and Attract Buyers
✓ Lessons From The Masters To Save Time and Money


Discover how to quickly and easily reach your customers through mobile marketing. You’ll be able to quickly and easily reach your target market and enjoy rapid response times as a result. 50% of the world’s population is expected to have access to the Internet through a mobile device in the next 3 years.

In this awesome video course you will learn:

✓ Introduction to Mobile Marketing
✓ The Common Sense Mobile Approach
✓ Lead and List Gathering Techniques
✓ How to Send Voice Messages To Your Leads
✓ How to Send Unlimited Text Alerts
✓ How to Create Apps for Mobile Phones


Social Networking web sites like Facebook & Twitter can drive traffic and additional sales to your website virtually free. Social networking on the internet is an integral part to any successful internet marketing campaign that you can start.

In this easy to understand 33 part video series you will learn:

✓ How To Set Up & Customize Your Own Face Book & Twitter Account
✓ How To Use The Facebook Wall & Newsfeed To Enhance Your Marketing
✓ How to Find & Add Contacts For A Specific Demographic
✓ How To Use Fan Pages And Groups To Increase Your Sales
✓ Powerful Networking Strategies To Explode All Your Marketing Efforts
✓ And Much Much More In This Exciting and Useful Course

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